Aussie website has the cheapest internet in the world, new report claims June 22, 2021 June 22, 2021 admin

The internet retailer has found the cheapest location in the US to access the internet in an attempt to fight the rise of the “dark web” as it seeks to survive.

TalkSport’s report, which ranks the top 50 countries according to internet availability, was published on Tuesday.

It found the US had the highest number of broadband connections in the country at 6.1 gigabits per second, a rate which would take the average US household for the next 30 years to match.

While it was the lowest in the United Kingdom, Australia was top of the charts for internet speed at 15.3 gigabit per second.

The report ranked Canada at No. 6 with the second-lowest average connection speed, with Australia at No 4.

Australia also has the highest concentration of people using its broadband, with around 5 per cent of the population accessing the service, according to the report.

But despite the fact the country has the second highest concentration, it is the internet provider of choice in the UK, where broadband is generally cheaper.

The study also found that Australia’s internet access was not the cheapest.

The US had a $10 price tag, with Canada’s at $18 and New Zealand’s at about $26.

Australia’s price tag was more than double the national average of $13, and Canada’s was more even at $23.