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This week, the internet project is going back to the drawing board.

The project will be making a documentary about how we as a species, and especially as a young and growing generation, have been so quick to destroy the internet.

On Sunday, the Internet Project announced that it will host its first public event, titled “F*** the internet.”

It will be a two-hour event that will be broadcast live on YouTube and on the internet as a whole.

The goal of the event is to teach young people about the importance of the internet and the need for the internet to remain free.

“It’s not just about the internet,” said co-director Andrew Kimbrell.

“There’s a lot of power in it.

It’s also a way to educate people on the need to maintain the internet in the same way that we’ve always maintained the internet for people.

And that means that we have to continue to protect it.”

The event will take place on March 12 at The Palace of Westminster, in London, and will be livestreamed on the Internet Archive.

The event has raised over $5,000 of its $15,000 goal.

“We’re excited to see so many people taking part in this event and we’re really proud of that,” said Kimbrels co-founder, Matt Jones.

“The power of the Internet to connect, to connect communities and to connect people is enormous.

It has been the backbone of our society for a long time.

So it’s an incredible thing to see it come together.”

The Internet Project’s project, titled F*** the Internet, is the first in a series of projects, such as #internetbros, to highlight the role of the digital revolution in shaping our world.

The group will also be doing an online film about the Internet and the world.

“I think that we can see an amazing convergence of ideas that are taking place on the web,” said the project’s director Andrew Kimbriggs.

“This is not just an internet thing, but an internet project.

There are a lot more people than ever before involved in this, and there’s a huge amount of excitement.

It feels like the future is going to look a lot brighter.”

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