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Fillmore the Internet has won the inaugural Australian Open of the women’s tennis tour.

The venue of the event was set to be the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club but has been upgraded to the Royal Adelaide Tennis Club after the venue was unable to accommodate the players.

The crowd of nearly 25,000 in Melbourne’s CBD was ecstatic to see the new venue, which was previously the venue of an AFL premiership match between Collingwood and Greater Western Sydney, after more than three years in the planning stages.

“It was quite surreal.

I don’t think there’s been a moment in my life where I’ve been in the same room with the same people, who are there for the same reason, that I’m here tonight,” Fillmore said.”

I’m really excited and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.”

The tournament will feature eight singles matches and one doubles match.

Ahead of the final, fillmore was pleased to be able to announce the venue, where she will play her first major event in more than a decade.

“The Royal Melbourne is a fantastic venue, and it’s a beautiful venue.

It’s a great venue,” she said.”[It’s] a great place to host a grand final.

The venue is fantastic, it’s got everything I need.

I just need to get the right crowd, I need to bring the right atmosphere, and I’ll just get that done tonight.”

Fillmore said she had not looked back from her decision to step away from tennis.

“For me to step back, I’m going to do my best to do everything I can to try and get the best out of myself,” she added.

“To do everything right and to be 100 per cent in control of what I’m doing, it will be a great experience for me.”